Composites and Additive Manufacturing Lab

Composite Manufacturing:

Our laboratories and facilities are very well equipped with all the components needed to engineer composites from part design; analysis to final production Our multi-disciplinary team mainly works on laminated and sandwich polymer matrix composite structures using several methods and materials listed below:

  • Hand lay-up
  • Vacuum infusion
  • Hot press (up to 500 °C, 30 tons and 0.5 m2 active plate area)
  • Heatable plate under vacuum
  • Autoclave (up to 300 °C and 7 bars)
  • 3D printer

Reinforcements; Matrices; Cores;
Carbon Fiber Epoxy Nomex Honeycomb
Fiberglass Polyester Foam (polyurethane, PMI)
Kevlar Phenolic Nanoreinforced polymers
Fuzzy Fiber (Nanostructure grafted fiber) Nanoreinforced matrices
Hand Lay-Up Vacuum Infusion 3D Printing
Hot Press Autoclave
Curing Equipment:

Various types of furnaces are being used depending on production requirements. Curing and post curing processes are being performed in furnaces given below;

  • Vacuum oven (200 °C)
  • Oven (250 °C)

Specimen Tooling:

Several tools has been used for cutting, polishing and slicing composite parts and also for forming the final shape

  • 3-axis CNC machine for trimming composite parts and/or core materials and mold manufacturing.
  • Wet rotary sander
  • Wet rotary cutter


The quality of manufacturing has been investigated in terms of their mechanical, electrical and morphological properties via;

  • Optical Microscopy 100x
  • Keithley 2400 SourceMeter
  • Universal Test Machine (100kN load cell)