Design and Integration of Graphene Fibre Based Antennas for Smart Textiles (GFSMART) positions ‘textiles” intertwined by people's daily lives as a tangible communication in the internet of things (IoT). GFSMART team have an interdisciplinary team of academic researchers from Royal College of Art, Istanbul Technical University, Queen Mary University of London and University of Manchester.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No.796640.

MSCA Fellow Dr Elif Ozden Yenigun’s words on GFSMART:

“The project had started with the primary aim of creating a wearable communicating piece of cloth using the Graphene. It was this simple. But then it diverged to so many other fields. The textile medium is very challenging in so many aspects, especially when you need to meet the requirements of textile standards or qualities of drapability, touch, lightness and washability. We have worked with many forms of graphene including Graphene based inks, graphene fibres, 3d printer filaments that we extruded, and CVD grown multi-layer graphene sheets. Each promises another function in e-textiles including communication, sensing, super capacitance behaviour and event thermal shielding.”

Research Highlights

Let's spin graphene!

RCA and ITUARC researchers proposed a scalable and facile method to extrude graphene oxide fibres. No harsh chemicals, no surfactants or dispersive agents! Just interfacial chemistry for spinning sensory fibres. Check this video out!

Graphene Fibres for wearable supercapacitors?

RCA and ITUARC researchers explored the graphene fibres as potential supercapacitors in e-textiles. The research findings presented in “AUTEX2019– 19th World Textile Conference on Textiles at the Crossroads” can be found here.

Inter-disciplinary or Multi-disciplinary?

How do you envisage “smart textiles education” in future?
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, please feel free to email
MSCA fellow’s personal view on education was published here.
Graphene based conductive ink workshop delivered in collaboration with DZP technologies at the RCA, photo credit: Dr Amy Winters.

Towards sustainable e-textiles!

Our recent work on graphene based soft wearable antennas has been featured on Materials Today!
Please see this amazing news piece written by Cordelia Sealy

“Designing wearable smart tech using traditional textile-making techniques”

Honoured to be featured as part of CORDIS Articles, and thanks by Alan Hodgson for describing our work so delightfully.

Check this out to see how we envisage the future of textiles in a hyper-connected world.

Towards Washable Graphene Soft Antennas

We are delighted to announce that our GFSMART research is published in Applied Materials Today.
Interested in reading? Check the open access pre-print here.

Soft Antennas

Can you define what soft systems means for you?

A question from Dr Elaine Igoe in our LinkedIn interview in Soft Systems Group
Dr Elif Ozden Yenigun:

“It is a "material habitat", as textile researchers apart from understanding the function, we have to introduce a system that is responsive and adaptable to human and planet in general. I have seen many research papers and projects that use "wearable electronics" term. Besides the function and promised superior properties, as a system, we must begin asking the question "would I wear it?"

Is it ethical? Is it sustainable? Is it pleasing to touch or appealing to wear? Is it accessible or affordable?

The "soft system" covers all these different aspects of textile research.”

Please join our LinkedIn Soft Systems Research Group and read other amazing researchers interview on the future of smart textiles.

Graphene-enabled adaptive infrared textiles

Our recent collaboration with Prof Kocabas and his amazing team in University of Manchester on adaptive textiles, another HORIZON2020 project.

Check the open access pre-print in this link.

“Soft Systems “

Check this video from RCA researchers about our vision about tangible digital technologies.

GFSMART Dissemination Report

Are you interested in reading more about GFSMART’s research?

Here is our dissemination report, all proceedings and journal articles are available for open access :)

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Meet the GFSMART Team

Host Institution
Anne Toomey

Our collaborators
Akram Alomainy
Coskun Kocabas