Research Themes

Guidance, Navigation, Control  and Avionics

Guidance, Navigation and Control of highly agile aerial vehicles, and their avionics design, modeling and simulation of aerial vehicles.

Nanomaterials, Smart Textiles and Advanced Composites

Polymeric systems, carbon nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes, graphene, boron nitride nanotubes, nanofibers, their assembly into composite materials and the resultant properties.

Smart Air Transportation and Artificial Intelligence

Very large scale air traffic network models and management, decision support in air transport management, command and control systems, tactical and strategic air combat management.

High Level Autonomy and Unmanned Vehicles

High level autonomy in cyber physical systems, agile unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned traffic management, in-cockpit decision support systems.

Research Groups

Artificial Intelligence, Guidance, Navigation, Control and Avionics Research Group

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Nano Materials, Textiles and Advanced Composites Research Group

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Applied Dynamics Research Group

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Research Facilities


Cyber Airspace

Cyber Airspace involves a 10x7x6m motion capture area with 8 cameras enabling to collect precise position and attitude information at 100-1000 Hz from multiple objects such as drones, sensor suits including human. Cyber Airspace allow us to desing and test artificial intelligence, motion planning and control algorithms.


Avionics Lab.

Avionics Lab is a multipurpose electronics lab that allows us to design, build and prototype UAV, communication links, and ground station avionics. The lab involves various electronic workbenches, solder stations, instrumentation devices in addition to a PCB manufacturing device.


UAV Integration and Mechanical Design Lab.

UAV Integration and Mechanical Design Lab allow us to design and build UAV mechanical subsystems and mechanisms and integrate the avionics to be ready to fly. In addition to various manufacturing and maintenance tools, the lab involves 3D printers enabling rapid prototyping and composite production set-ups.


Composites and Additive Manufacturing Lab

Composite Manufacturing Lab equipped with all the components needed to engineer composites from part design; analysis to final production. Our multi-disciplinary team mainly works on laminated and sandwich polymer matrix composite structures using several methods and materials listed as: Hand lay-up, Vacuum infusion, Hot press (up to 500 °C, 30 tons and 0.5 m2 active plate area), Heatable plate under vacuum, Autoclave (up to 300 °C and 7 bars) and 3D printers.


Chemical Process Lab

Now with support of faculty laboratories, we are able to serve polymer synthesis, electrospinning, electrospraying and polymer film coating. We have fully equipped with the required facilities for for fabrication of advanced technology materials. The instruments in the chemistry lab is listed as: Magnetic stirrers, Analytical balances, Horn sonicator, Homogenizator, Spin coating and Dip coating.


Nanomaterial Synthesis Lab

Synthesis and optimization of various nanomaterials (e.g: C - based and BN –based nanostructures) has been conducted in nanomaterial synthesis laboratory. Our team has modified nanomaterials in this laboratory are to provide required nanocomponents such as reinforcements for nanocomposites, catalysts for filtration, fabrication of the micro – nano fluidic devices.


Advanced Characterization Lab

Advanced Characterization Laboratory is the latest addition to our center equipped with the high-tech and most advanced characterization instruments to achieve accurate characterizations of innovative materials developed in our labs. The characterization instruments found in our labs are operated by the expert grad students in their fields can be listed as: Universal Testing Machine (AGS-X 50 kN, Shimadzu), Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA 850, TA Instruments), Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA 55, TA Instruments), Rheometer (DHR 2, TA Instruments).


Gumussuyu Wind Tunnel

Gumussuyu Wind Tunnel involves a test room with dimensions (Width x Height x Length) 110 cm x 80 cm x 162 cm enabling 5 m/s < V < 40 m/s speed range tests. The wind tunnel allow us to test small and nano size UAVs and drones or down-scale protypes  of air transport vehicles.


Smart Air Transportation and AI Office

This is a graduate student office of İTÜ ARC in UUBF Building (ITU Aero-Astro Faculty) curently performing various research and industrial artificial intelligence, air traffic management and smart air transportation projects such as COPTRA (H2020), START (H2020), AI-RADAD (Industry), Big-Data based Preventive Airline Maintenance (Industry). The office involves 20 study cubics, a meeting room and various computational platforms.


İTÜ ARC Orencik UAV Test Site

İTÜ ARC owns a test site in Catalca, Istanbul enabling to perform various UAV tests. In addition to storage warehouses, and mini hangars, Orencik involves a mini runway (10x 55 m) and hit-to-recover locations with recover nets. Orencik allow us to perform week-long tests through camping and barbeque parties.


B737 - 800 Research Simulator

ITU ARC owns a Flight Simulator (B737-800 FNTP II) and in-house developed ATC Controller Working Position (CWP) ability to run co-simulations. the simulator enables to customize the screens to ptotoype and test the novel procedures, trajectory management algorithms, pilot decision support systems and electronic display concepts.

Research Portfolio


EU Grants (FP7, H2020, SESAR)


International Industrial Projects


National Industrial Projects


National Science Agency Grants

more than 30M ₺ research grant since 2015

Our Partners

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Boeing Scholarship

The Boeing - ITU Aerospace Research Center Student Scholarships aim to attract high-quality undergraduate and master students that have technical or business aptitude and who have an interest on The Boeing Company and/or Aerospace sector.


Principle Investigators


Prof. Ibrahim Ozkol

Director of Applied Dynamics Research group


Assoc. Prof. Hulya Cebeci

Director of Nano Materials, Textiles and Adv. Composites Research Group


Asst. Prof. Emre Koyuncu

Director of AI, Guidance, Navigation and Control Research Group


Asst. Prof. Ramazan Yeniceri

Director of Avionics Research Group

Affiliated Members

Prof. Gokhan Inalhan

Cranfield University

Assoc. Prof. Elif Ozden Yenigun

Royal College of Art

Asst. Prof. Hayri Acar

Istanbul Technical Univ, Aero Eng. Dep.

Prof. Guven Komurgoz

Istanbul Technical Univ, Electrical Eng. Dep.

Asst. Prof. Kaan Yildiz

Istanbul Technical Univ, Aero Inst.


Dr. Baris Baspinar

Istanbul Technical Univ, Aero Eng. Dep.


Asst. Prof. Ali Fuat Ergenc

Istanbul Technical Univ, Controls Eng. Dep.


Prof. Aytac Arikoglu

Istanbul Technical Univ, Aero Eng. Dep.


Asst. Prof. Nuri Solak

Istanbul Technical Univ, Materials Eng. Dep.


Asst. Prof. Yildiray Yildiz

Bilkent Univ, Mehc. Eng. Dep

Industrial Members

Dr. Cengiz Pasaoglu

Turkish Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK)

Dr. Umut Demirezen

Roketsan Missiles Co.


Dr. Ugur Zengin

Turkish Aerospace Industry Co.


Dr. (Cpt.) Erkan Akcay

Turkish Airlines Co.


Dr. Baris Yalcin

Havelsan Co.


Dr. Sukru Akif Erturk

Turkish Aerospace Industry Co.

ITU ARC is the member of ASDA

ASDA (Association for the Scientific Development of ATM in Europe) is an independent European organisations active in Scientific Research & Development in Air Traffic Management. Main scope is to actively identify and define long term R&D goals on a European level, promote science and research in the field of Air Traffic and to organize and support R&D consultation processes related to R&D with ATM stakeholders.



Dr. Ipek Osken

Technical Manager


Ayse Bostan

Executive Assistant


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