Emre Koyuncu

Assoc. Prof. of Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Deputy Manager of Aerospace Research Center, and
         Director of AI, Guidance, Navigation and Control Research Group

Vice Dean of Aerospace Institute, Istanbul Technical University
          Head of Air Transport Management Department

Faculty Building, Room: 008 (Office - not possible to find me!)
Faculty Building, Room: 312 (AIGNC Lab)
ARC Building, Room: 211 (Office) or Room: 101 (Cyber Airspace Lab)

E-mail: emre[dot]koyuncu@itu.edu.tr
Phone: +90 212 285 7554 (Secretary - ARC)

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Emre Koyuncu is an Associate Professor at Istanbul Technical University, Department of Aeronautical Engineering. 
Prof. Koyuncu is currently the Vice-Dean of Aerospace Institute and of Istanbul Technical University, and Co-PI of ITU Aerospace Research Center (ITU ARC) as the director of AI, Guidance, Navigation and Control Research Group (AIGNC-RG).  

Prof. Koyuncu has received his Ph.D. (SESAR JU) degree in Aerospace Engineering from ITU in 2015. He was a visiting researcher at Boeing Research and Technology of Europe during 2013-2014, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Aero-Astro Department during 2014-2015. 

His research interests lie in the broad areas of aeronautics, robotics, navigation and control theory. In particular, he focuses on:

Optimization-based control, reinforcement learning and probability theory for the design and analysis of high-performance cyber-physical systems

Highly agile unmanned aerial vehicles; Flight trajectory optimization and planning; Airborne conflict detection and resolution

Control authority sharing in AI; Collaborative/Competitive AI algorithms; Empathic AI agents

GPS-denied navigation; Visual Inertial Odometry; Terrain Referenced Navigation

Flight management and decision support systems; High-level autonomy in air traffic control systems

Resiliency and stability assurance in large-scale air traffic networks

Prof. Koyuncu has lead in numerous research grants and industrial projects from institutes and companies such as SESAR JU, BOEING, ASELSAN, HAVELSAN, TAI, TUBITAK, STM, Turkish Airlines, and IGA. He is the recipient of a Boeing Faculty Grant in 2015 and SESAR JU Ph.D. Fellowship during 2012-2015. He is Senior Member of IEEE, member of AIAA and, serves as: 

TC Member of AIAA Air Transportation Systems

TC Member of IEEE RAS Aerial Robotics and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

TC Member of IEEE Control Systems Society - Hybrid Systems 

TC Member of EUROCONTROL Agency Research Team

Associate Member of General Assembly, Association for the Scientific Development of ATM in Europe (ASDA)

Associate Editor of IEEE Access Journal

Associate Editor on IEEE Control System Society Conference Editorial Board

Technical Expert in SESAR JU Project Evaluations

Advisor to Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) Co.

Research Group

AI-based Decision Making and Data-Driven Modeling


Güney Güner

PhD Student, Aero-Astro Eng.

AI-based data manuplation, Data visualisation


Muhammet Aksoy

MSc Student, Aero-Astro Eng.

RL-based decision making in Networks and Noncooperative Games


Fatma Kübra Akın

MSc Student, Aero-Astro Eng.

RL-based decision making in Strategic Games


Hasan İşçi

PhD Student, Aero-Astro Eng.

Combat Maneuver Generation for Fighter Aircraft

Highly Agile Aerial Vehicle Control


Akın Çatak

MSc Student, Aero-Astro Eng.

Robust and Adaptive Model Predictive Control


Mustafa Demir

PhD Student, Aero-Astro Eng.

Cooperative Multi- Aerial Vehicles


Omar Shadeed

MSc Student, Aero-Astro Eng.

Agile Flight Trajectory Tracker Design


Ahmet Talha Çetin

MSc Student, Aero-Astro Eng.

Data Driven Model Predictive Control

Visual Information-based Navigation


Hatice Didem Üzgün

PhD Candidate, Mechatron Eng.

GPS-denied and Visual Navigation


Erfan Roghani

PhD Candidate, Aero-Astro Eng.

Visual Depth Estimation and Visual Navigation


Uygar Yengin

PhD Candidate, Mechatron Eng.

Terrain Referecend Navigation


Arslan Artykov

MSc Student, Aero-Astro Eng.

AI-based Visual Inertial Odometry

Advanced Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

I am always providing research opportunities for talented undergraduate students to elevate their careers toward academia and professional life. Contact me if you feel eligible.
Current UROP Fellows:

H. Nur Toprak — RL-based Flight Control

Murat Özbek — AI-based Air Combat Games

Rabia Tüylek — Visual Target Tracking *SuperUROP

Samet Kaplan — Visual Inertial Navigation *SuperUROP

Arif Mertcan Koca — Model Predictive Control *SuperUROP

 Emre Oğuz —  Visual Inertial Navigation

 Hidayet Ersin Dursun —  Visual Inertial Navigation

 Buğrahan Bayraktar —  RL-based Trajectory Replanning

Industrial Partners and Sponsors

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Current Funded Projects


Smart Visual Guided Drone

In this collaborative work, we are building intelligent drones with fully visual navigation and guidance capabilities. We integrate AI-based visual target tracking and visual-inertial navigation into an autonomous agile drone to defend critical facilities such as airports where electronic warfare support, e.g. electroninc jamming, GPS-spoofing, etc., is not possible. The developed drones enable end-to-end autonomous operations with intelligent decisions without building any link with GPS and ground systems.

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SRUS: Agile and SWARM Drones

We are partnering with HAVELSAN to develop agile drone swarms and carrier unmanned VTOL platforms, enabling broad UAV operations. ITU ARC fully designs and builds small-size drones with agile flight envelopes. These drones can navigate in GPS-denied environments using visual odometry and target tracking in addition to leader following. The unmanned VTOL platforms carry small-sized drones and provide tactical level information by utilizing their surveillance and SIGINT capabilities. The carrier platforms can also provide laser designation for coordinated operations. In this collaborative development, for VTOL platforms, the ITU ARC team provides controller, flight management, and navigation modules with their algorithms and avionics.

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AI-based Aircraft Predictive Maintenance

We are investigating novel methodologies for predictive maintenance based on Big Data Analytics and Data Mining. With the collaboration of Turkish Airlines and Turkish Technic, we are building predictive maintenance is recognized by 66% of the airlines as one of the most prominent new technologies to have entered the market by 2020. Our aim of predictive maintenance is first to predict when a component failure might occur, and secondly, to prevent the occurrence of the failure by performing maintenance. Monitoring for future failure allows maintenance to be planned before the failure occurs, thus reduce unscheduled removals and avoid Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG).

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START: Resilient ATM Network Management

In this project, we run research on applying information spreading process to model the uncertainty propagation over air transportation network. To construct the parametric model of the network, we utilize the real flight data of the European air traffic flow. The physical parameters of the network extracted from the dataset are transformed into a parameter set of the epidemic model to simulate the propagation of delay. Then, we build a control mechanism the infection rates ensuring the stability of the meta-population network, which means to manage the traffic flow between the airports, where the problem is transformed into an optimization and reinforcement learning problem.


FACT: Urban Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Management

The project FACT will bring a much-needed update to CNS technology and build the bridge between future U-space services (expecting fully digital and highly automated) and conventional ATM systems considering both technological and users’ perspectives. The main overall objective(s) of the project FACT is to increase safety, security, efficiency, and robustness of future air traffic environment through the development of integrated CNS functional architecture supporting the use of a common performance-based approach for CNS functions addressing the needs of a large spectrum of airspace users across varied operational environments. It will address and bring benefits for both existing and new airspace users, such as drones or urban air mobility.


Past Projects


Flight Trajectory Wind Error Recovery with AI

The project proposed to develop advanced algorithms to reduce uncertainty in weather forecast in trajectory prediction. The fundamental data set is the aircraft trajectories from the radar measurements that encapsulate information about the uncertain parameters such as wind vector. The aim was to build a probabilistic “wind map” to capture the wind estimation error and convert this sparse information into a complete wind map.


COPTRA: Combining Probable Trajectories

COPTRA's objective is detailed with three sub-objectives developed through three research work packages: a) define the concept of probabilistic trajectory prediction; b) define the probabilistic traffic concept and study how it can be constructed by combining probabilistic trajectories, using the probabilistic trajectory definition; and c) apply probabilistic traffic to Air Traffic Control (ATC) planning.


HETS: Helicopter Terrain Avoidance Support System

In this project, we developed a safe flight navigation algorithm for helicopter TAWS avionics, which supports pilot with visual guidance for low visibility and close-to-terrain operations. Specifically, the algorithm use the performance models, monitors the potential terrain collisions and issues alerts with visual guidance to the pilot. Moreover, the algorithm tracks the divergence of flown trajectory from the predicted one due to lack of partial state measurement, and provides real-time parametric system identification and pilot intent prediction.


Trajectory Prediction System for Air Traffic Controller Working Position

In this project, we developed a safe flight navigation functions for air traffic controller working position. These functions provide real time  decision support  and enables training simulation scenerios for ATCos.


AUTOFLY-AID: A Smart Cockpit System

AUTOFLY-Aid aimed to develop and demonstrate novel automation support algorithms and tools to the flight crew for flight critical collision avoidance using “dynamic 4D trajectory management”. The automation support system is envisioned to improve the primary shortcomings of TCAS, and to aid the pilot through add-on avionics/head-up displays and reality augmentation devices in dynamically evolving collision avoidance scenarios.


AI-based Real-Time Airspace Threat Detection: AI-Radar

In this project, we built AI-based real-time airspace monitoring and anomaly/threat detection models in order to provide safe air flight traffic. The model involves two layers, enabling to detect flight trajectory anomalies through processing individual flights and historical trajectory patterns. The individual flight trajectories are tracked through online flight performance clustering, allowing us to classify the aircraft types in the airspace. Historical flight trajectory bundles are identified for each flight operation, and the individual conflicts with these distinguished patterns are detected through artificial intelligence methodologies.



For the full-text of the publications, please visit my ResearchGate or Google Scholar pages. If you are having trouble finding them, feel free to contact me.

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Conference Publications

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